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June 20th - Summerfest

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Welcome to SUCA

Welcome to the South Unionville Community Association website.  South Unionville is a beautiful, vibrant community located in the heart of Markham, ON.

For information about SUCA please see our About Us page.

Upcoming Events

Save Our Parks!

Date: February 21st, 2012
Time: 7:00 pm
Location: Council Chambers, Town of Markham
A proposal is going before Town council to rezone land in our community to allow the development of additional homes.  This land was originally designated as open space.  Join us to let council know that we want park land and open space that was promised to our community.  If you cannot attend please send an email to your councillor Don Hamilton to let him know you oppose.  Please also sign the online petition. [ More Info ]

More Events

Current Items

  • Castan and Kennedy Retail Development Public Meeting
    A town meeting was held at the Unionville Meadows Public School February 26th.
  • Spring 2008 Newsletter
    Read about the current events and issues in the South Unionville area.  See all editions of the newsletter here.
  • BMW Land Proposal
    Town council is consider a plan to develop additional car dealerships along Kennedy Road from Helen Ave up to South Unionville Ave.  In addition, the plan calls for the at least one of the dealerships to be built on South Unionville Ave, in our community.
  • Garden Planting
    SUCA has been awarded funding from MESF to plant a garden at the north end of the pond and to place informational nature signs around the pond.
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